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Great places WITH FRIENDS

Alphonse can keep on finding the best place for an explosive cocktail!
Mathilde was looking for the best decoration store where she could find the perfect housewarming gift for her friends (She doesn’t know where to keep her jewels and He has a passion for photography),
Rodolphe was in doubt about where he will organize his birthday in his neighbourhood,
Caroline was looking for unusual activities to organize for a friend’s bachelorette party (she loves cooking and she has a sweet tooth),
Elodie and Ines were very interested in assisting to a «Haute-Couture» class,
Remi was in search of a rare and ancient book of Paris to offer to his friend who works at the «Guide du Routard»,

Great places FOR KIDS

Eleonore was looking for her daughter Margaux a sumptuous dollhouse that she always dreamed of ever since she was a child,
Domitille was in search of an original wallpaper for a baby’s room, meanwhile Antoine was responsible for a tremendous baby’s announcement cards,
Marie wasn’t sure about the gift to offer for Isis’baby shower,
Eliot was looking for his son Leo (3 y.o) a funny workshop (he’s crazy about music),
Leopold wanted to share an activity with his mum next week-end,
Suzy and Serge were looking for a kids friendly restaurant to go with their grandchildren,
Tristan wanted for his kids an ancient and rare book,
Gaetane was claiming for a location where she can find all the material for Louis’ birthday party,
Madeleine had the idea to please Marcel by finding an amazing candy store,


David was looking for the perfect gift to offer to his mom,
Honore wanted to take to a restaurant his carnivorous parents,
Garance wanted to organize for them an amazing cultural outing close to the appartment,
Alix was looking for a delicatessen where she could buy products to prepare a dinner for her mother-in-law (she’s from Corsica),
Theodore was asking urgently for an excellent wine shop to satisfy his grand-father oenologist,
Marcel was expecting to find the perfect hotel for his parents to stay in Paris during the week-end,
Heloise wanted to find a Korean restaurant where she could take them in order to spend an unforgivable night,
Hector knew about his father-in-law’s cigars addiction,
Sidonie was happy to find out a delicate fragrant detergent for his father’s clothes,

Great places FOR LOVERS

Paul was looking forward a «house Kimono» to welcome Clara in his appartment,
Georges wanted to take Maud to the theater where she won’t be alone touched by the charm,
Jeanne wanted to be delivered urgently an unbeatable paella to impress Diego,
Matthieu was imagining a taylor-made lingerie to offer her.
Valentine wanted to offer him a collector watch for their engagement,
Herve wasn’t sure about where to take her to celebrate their anniversary,
Edouard wanted to take her to celebrate an unusual religious holiday to delight their week-end,
Antoine wanted to bring her a delicious breakfast in bed,
Blanche wanted to offer him some taylor-made gloves,
Titus wanted to find some unique tea that Berenice will enjoy,
Geraldine was looking for the perfect place where to enjoy a glass of champagne in one of the best rooftop of Paris during summer or near a fireplace during winter,

Great places JUST FOR YOU

Robert wanted his tailor-made shirt unlike anything else,
Louise couldn’t find the XIXth century tap to be placed on her stone sink,
Oscar was conducting a desperate investigation to find the engraver who will set her initials in her umbrella’s copper ring,
Clementine was looking for a place where she could practice prenatal yoga on May the 8th, on the 12th she had an irresistible desir to eat a «baba au rhum», on the 25th she was dying for a good manicure,
Christine was looking for a physionomist eyewear manufacturer,
Salome wanted a wide range of color for her porcelaine painting workshop,
Come didn’t know where to go to have his Vespa impeccably washed,
Priscilla was looking for a hairdresser where she could go with her eyes closed,
Hugo was wondering where he could go to have his apple of his eyes, his old bike fixed,
Astrid was looking a place where she could extend her holidays, an authentic Zen Garden,
Constant was asking for the best in terms of tailor-made shoes,

Great places WITH MY PET

Lili Rose was looking for a pet friendly restaurant where she could take her 3 years old Golden Retriever, Leon wanted an excellent groomer,
Madyle was wondering if she could find a professional photographer to capture Medor,
Olympe couldn’t find a leash enough «chic» to walk her little Thalys,
Lucien wasn’t sure about the dog-sitter who will take care of his Bobtail during his holidays in Capri,
Liliane had the idea that she could find a catbasket matching with her new wallpaper,
Muriel was looking for a dog instructor who could train properly Nestor,
Jean was looking for a casting agency for pets who could turn into a star his dog like Uggie,